«shut your eyes and see»

juli 31, 2010 § Legg igjen en kommentar

said james joyce.

Shut them and be pretty said Disney.

Shut them whenever you feel tired.

Shut them in, oh, so many ways.

Shut them when you don’t want to be found.

Shut them, but don’t you ever forget: It’s dangerous.

ikke så stor aktivitet …

mai 11, 2010 § Legg igjen en kommentar

… på denne siden for tiden, men gå inn på lenken til under construction in marrakesh. der er det liv. både krim og komedie. fra virkeligheten. alt om å kjøpe et hus i marrakesh og hva som kan skje.

In Praise of Online Obscurity – Bud Parr – Reading and Writing in The Age of Sand

februar 19, 2010 § Legg igjen en kommentar

In Praise of Online Obscurity – Bud Parr – Reading and Writing in The Age of Sand.

«Why? Because socializing doesn’t scale. Once a group reaches a certain size, each participant starts to feel anonymous again, and the person they’re following — who once seemed proximal, like a friend — now seems larger than life and remote. “They feel they can’t possibly be the person who’s going to make the useful contribution,” Evans says. So the conversation stops. Evans isn’t alone. I’ve heard this story again and again from those who’ve risen into the lower ranks of microfame. At a few hundred or a few thousand followers, they’re having fun — but any bigger and it falls apart. Social media stops being social. It’s no longer a bantering process of thinking and living out loud. It becomes old-fashioned broadcasting.

The lesson? There’s value in obscurity.»

If they say so. Yeah. I’m right there. In deep obscurity.

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